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The mission of LatinConexiones is to build a community-oriented site where members can relax and enjoy their time meeting new friends, connecting with old friends, searching for that very special person and feel safe and comfortable during their visit.  We constantly remind our members that safe practices and protection of privacy should be constant.  As our community grows we will continue to use every available form of technology to safeguard and protect you and your information.

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Many years ago in the 1800s people would meet potential partners in their country or other countries via the existing mail/postal system.  They would write letters describing the area they lived, a full description of their appearance, their accomplishments, their existing status (rich, unmarried, successful) and what they were seeking.  Usually, the purpose was to find a mate.  They would even include a “likeness”.  A drawing or photo in today’s language.

The letters would be sent to churches, magazines, newspapers or posted in a central location or be included in a catalog.  The catalogs were usually named Mail Order Brides and included single men and women who were seeking a loving partner for marriage.  There were no rules for what was written, the descriptions that were used or the likeness.  Participants relied on the honesty, ethics, and morals that guided life back then.

Letters were exchanged and at some point, in time a proposal to marry was offered, accepted and off went the person to travel a great distance to meet the new spouse.  For amusement, try to imagine two people wandering around a train station trying to find someone that appears the same as the likeness they are carrying in their hands.  Not the same mental picture we have today of two people falling in love is it?

Modern Catfishing

Fast forward to today with the technology we have and apply that to dating sites and we are doing kind of the same thing.  Catfishing could very well be hundreds of years old and is being used pretty much the same way and for similar reasons.  And, just as back then it was not illegal as the old adage of “letting the buyer be aware” prevailed.  Today it still isn’t illegal if it’s being done for some of the reasons but it is illegal in some areas if it is being used to set up a scam.  Trouble is we don’t know why the “Catfisher” is doing it until his/her mission has been completed.

What is catfishing?

So, what is Catfishing or phishing?  A catfish scam occurs when someone creates a fake persona to trick another person into believing that they are that person online.  Sometimes, the catfish will go to extremes to build and continue the fake persona and utilize all available means on social sites, dating sites, and other online forums.  They might display fake photos, get a separate phone line and create a complete online existence with fake friends to complete their ruse.  They will go as far as their intentions dictate they need to go.

Different reasons motivate each of the people who catfish:

  • A very common reason is the need to be liked. They may have low self-esteem or confidence issues, and building a greater persona enables them to develop online relationships they feel they might not be able to develop as their true self.
  • Establishing online relationships reduces their loneliness and a greater than actual persona enables multiple relationships.
  • Building a sensational persona helps create an emotional uplift as they “live” their new life online. They get a kick out of it.
  • According to experts in this area most catfish are extroverts and they love communicating with other people and the embellished persona creates so much more opportunity for communication.
  • The more severe reason is that the catfish is setting up a scam and at the right time will begin trying to get your money.
  • In a worst-case scenario, the catfish may be setting up the victim for physical violence such as sexual assault, or worse.

How does catfishing work?

Catfish prey on all types of people.  It’s not about being naïve, hopeful, socially inexperienced, desperate, lack of intelligence or caution or rational thinking.  Anyone can be victimized.  But it is possible to know the signs and keep your instincts honed.  Following are some key signs that will help:

  • They claim to have gone to a prestigious college and have a very highly respected degree and they are not working or working in a job far beneath their education level.
  • If the photos are group photos or it is difficult to know who in the photo is the person you are communicating with.
  • Refusal to talk on the phone or have a video chat and reveal that the appearance is far different than what shows in the photos.
  • Refusal to meet.
  • If everything seems too good to be true.
  • A check on social media reveals no friends or followers.
  • They try to establish some form of familiarity to help ease your concerns: Lived in your town, went to the same school, traveled to the same areas.  Anything to get you to relax your guard.
  • They become too serious too fast.
  • Play on your emotions with a sad or hard-luck story to set up a subsequent request for money. Elaborate stories to play on your sympathy
  • Their stories seem too unreal or not clear enough or consistent.
  • No photos.
  • Many victims report that the person said all the right things, they tapped into their deepest needs and said only positive things.

Trust your instincts.  If something seems wrong then it probably is.

What do I do if I’ve been catfished?

If you think you are being catfished what can you do?

Do a little background checking to confirm your suspicions.   If you’re still not comfortable keep digging.

Use an online service to confirm the identity of the person you’re chatting with.

If you have determined you are communicating with a catfish immediately cease any communication.

Save any incriminating messages they sent you and block the profile.

Report their behavior to LatinConexiones using the Report Abuse feature.

Use one of the services on the internet to help you know if you are being catfished.

Helpful services to search on the internet: Vaudeville

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What To Expect From Online Dating

Knowing what to expect from online dating will give you a better and safer online dating experience. There are different reasons why people choose online dating. It can be because they are new in town, have a job with a tough schedule that won’t allow a regular social life, or simply they tried everything and it didn’t work. We have seen it all. The truth is that most people who decide to try online dating have good and sincere intentions. However,  oftentimes expectations can be unrealistic. Continue reading

Online Dating Mistakes to Avoid Part 1

At Lat Con Media, we strive to help individuals build new and lasting relationships through our online Hispanic dating site. When it comes to finding your significant other through the internet, there are many ways to create successful profiles that will truly represent who you are as a person and a lover. See below to learn the online dating mistakes you should always avoid. Continue reading

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Online Dating Growth

As recently as a few short years ago Online Dating was in a period with stigmas still associated with the industry and the users of online dating services. Today, those stigmas are almost completely gone and the industry is thriving as more and more people turn to the internet for their wants and needs. Online Dating sites fulfill many of the needs by enabling users to connect with new friends, build new relationships and ultimately; maybe find love.

The industry has changed from “a strange way” to find love to an almost “universally accepted” way to build relationships that can lead to love. A little more than 10 years ago 1 in every 4 adults agreed that “people who use online dating sites are desperate”. Today, 87% of adult males and 83% of adult females agree that “Online dating is socially acceptable”.

Today, nearly half of all Americans have a friend or family member who uses online dating sites or has met a partner or spouse through a dating site. Consumer Reports conducted an extensive survey at the beginning of 2017 and found that 44% of 105,000 respondents who tried online dating said the experience led to a serious long-term relationship or marriage. More than a third of couples who married between 2005 and 2012 met through an online dating site. The numbers being reported now will increase dramatically as research by the online dating experts forecast that the number of singles looking for love online in Europe and North America is expected to grow to 670 million.

In 2015 the Pew Research Center released their study of online dating and found that 15% of American adults have used online dating sites. The numbers have exploded since then among certain age groups. Use of online dating sites in the 18 – 24-year old group has more than tripled in 2 years and that was 2 years ago. In the same period, use in the 55 – 64-year old group more than doubled and that was also 2 years ago. The market was dominated by the 25 – 34-year-old group but that may change. The years 2016 and 2017 have seen phenomenal growth around the world.

Dating sites are not being used only to find long-term love although that is the hope of many users. Some sites are excellent opportunities to expand circles of friendship not only in numbers but around the world. The opportunity to build enhanced relationships is very enticing because many singles have already learned that sometimes love is nurtured from good friendships and good relationships.

The future of online dating will be driven by an additional phenomenon that is taking place around the world. The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that 47% of the dating age population in America is not married. That has changed considerably from several years ago. This same social experience is occurring around the world and online dating has become a great way to find new people.

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Latest News

Every day there is more news online and offline about the growth of online dating around the world.  New relationships that started online are now a part of the normal way that people meet and the number of marriages that result from those new relationships continues to grow.  We offer some of the news in our Growth of Online Dating article on this site.

What has not been specifically discussed is the participation of the many beautiful and diverse Hispanic cultures throughout the world in this growing social phenomenon.  Until now!  The family of LatinConexiones sites is a collaboration of efforts and contributions by individuals from many different Latino cultures who are dedicated to build sites that focus on all aspects of the Hispanic community.  We focus on the Hispanic lifestyles.

Our focus also includes the celebrations of all of our diverse cultures and the way we traditionally dedicate our lives to focus on immediate and extended families, neighbors, consumers, other Hispanic entrepreneurs and contribute to our local and national social efforts

Other Hispanic-dating and Latin-dating sites focus primarily on the physical attributes of our beautiful Hispanics. Those sites are sex connection sites or meat-trafficking sites. Several of these sites advertise to meet sexy men or women. They have men and women with very little clothing.

The LatinConexiones.com site has been very successful in being able to separate itself from those sites that are not as serious about the many other qualities, values, ethics, morals and religious beliefs that make up the whole of the Hispanic dating community.  We are committed to maintain a wholesome site that focuses to help our members be serious about their search efforts.

The mission of LatinConexionesMedia site is to empower users of LatinConexiones.com to improve their experiences to achieve the greatest benefits.  We believe that educated and informed visitors will remain alert to protect safety and privacy.  This site contains online dating information, advice, recommendations and resources from experts throughout the online dating industry to serve our members as they build new friendships and relationships.

Our dating site will host numerous events with activities to help the Hispanic community grow together. In addition, we are extending invitations to associations and social organizations and companies to participate in LatinConexionesEventos.  On this site will be published the dates, times and places for events that are of interest to our members.

Throughout the world there are millions of Hispanics who have the entrepreneurial spirit and the determination to be successful and they have launched their own businesses.  LatinConexiones has a tremendous respect for that spirit and recognizes that many of those business owners do not have the resources to create their own web pages or to launch a major online marketing effort to promote their products or services.

The LatinConexionesEcommerce site is an opportunity for subscribed members to our dating site to rent a page and receive the benefit of all of our social and digital marketing efforts.  Hispanic entrepreneurs who take advantage of this wonderful opportunitycan focus on their products and services and expand their markets.

The owner of the LatinConexiones sites has a care and concern that extends beyond the dating site.  That care and concern has been recognized throughout the online dating industry and as a result the owner has been personally invited to serve as a member of the Internet Dating Executive Alliance.

The goal of the Alliance of executive is to help leaders grow the Internet dating industry professionally and honorably and help inspire innovation and thinking. We would like to add that we are committed to helping the industry grow up safe and sound.

online dating safety tips

Writing Your Online Profile

Your online profile is a lot like your online photos.  It is your introduction of yourself to all visitors to your LatinConexiones page and it is your opportunity to make the good first impression that you would like them to see.  The purpose is to share enough about yourself so that others will be interested to learn more and enter into communication with you.  For many people it is very difficult to be objective about themselves so they do not write much or they write too much or they are not certain what to say.

The following information has been developed after extensive research into normal social behavior on dating sites and is being offered to help those who are not so comfortable writing about themselves.  The suggestions are also designed to help improve the profiles for those who are comfortable and would like to create a profile to find the right person for them.

Before you write your profile it is very important to know thyself.  Probably the most meaningful way to begin this is to listen to your heart and reflect upon what makes you smile and think about what makes you happy.

Remember that you are a very unique person.  There is not another person on the planet who is exactly like the sum of all that you are.  Write down all of the words that come to your mind.  Don’t bother to list them in any order.  That can be done later when you begin the structure of your profile.

The next step is to take your thoughts about yourself to one of your closest friends of the opposite sex that you trust very much.  Open your mind and ask him, or her, to share with you how he, or she, sees you as a person and as a potential partner.  Now you have many thoughts about you and how others may see your personality and qualities.

The most important guideline always is to be thoroughly honest.  Always!  Trust is earned and it is re-earned over and over again.   Be yourself.  Do not portray yourself as you think others would want you to be.  When the new relationship begins the true self of each person shows up anyway.

The general length of a profile is suggested to be about 200 words.  For reference, the previous three paragraphs combined are almost 200 words.   That’s plenty of space and opportunity to create interest and for the right person maybe a little excitement.  Take advantage of the opportunity.  If the profile is too short it may indicate you have a very low interest in the entire online dating experience.

There are two main goals with your profile.  The first is to share the most important things about you and the second is to share what you desire in a partner.  Generally, about 70% of the profile should be about the important qualities that make you a desirable partner and the remaining 30% should be about the qualities that you seek in a partner.  Avoid clichés.  Everyone wishes to be happy.  Share why you are happy person and what makes you happier.

Avoid the words or phrases seen in many profiles.  This is your chance to be specific and unique.  If you like a specific genre of movies go ahead and list your favorite and, maybe, why.  Remember there is such a point of being too specific.  List the qualities that you like and admire in a person and avoid “must haves” or the appearance of being too demanding.  There will be plenty of time in future communications to learn the qualities that are important to you.

Use your best grammar with correct spelling and proper punctuation.  The purpose of communication is to share thoughts and ideas and the rules that apply to the written form are designed for the reader to clearly understand your message.  Following the written rules also helps to indicate that you are very interested in the online dating experience and you have put forth your best effort for the reader’s benefit.

Don’t brag or boast.  It is great to be proud and have confidence but allow your successes to live inside you.  That inner confidence will allow you to write more positive and meaningful words and the reader will easily detect the qualities that you are trying to share.

When describing your future partner, again, do not be demanding.  There is no such person that is perfect.  Too many demands indicate that you are more concerned about getting what you want and not so concerned about fulfilling your responsibilities in the new relationship.  Most people online are not trying to find the perfect person.  They are only trying to find the partner that is perfect for them.

Use the guidance that you received from your friends.  If there is a particular characteristic or quality that describes you very positively go ahead and share it by saying “my friends say I am a very upbeat and positive person and I always help them to feel good”.  Many of us shy away from “sales” but online dating and how you write your profile is a form of selling yourself that is expected and necessary.

Leave sex out of the photos and out of the profile.   A profile that places a great deal of emphasis on the sexiness may leave the wrong impression and, more importantly, attract the wrong group of persons.   Remember you are trying to build a relationship and the sexiness of that relationship will take its own unique form.

After you write the profile leave it for a day or two and then come back to review it.  During that time see other profiles and mentally note how they are written.  Ask yourself if any of them truly describe a unique person.  Then when you return to yours ask if it still sounds like you.  Is it consistent with what you have conveyed in your photos?  And, have you helped the reader to “see” the uniqueness of you.

Remember, you can always re-visit your profile to tweak it if necessary.

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LatinConexiones, LLC respects the privacy of its users and members and is committed to help protect their privacy and safety.  We encourage all visitors to any of the sites within the family of LatinConexiones sites to review our Privacy Policy and our Safety Policy and our Terms of Service posted on LatinConexiones.com/

In addition to the information included in the above stated policies we are offering helpful information and resources to further safeguard privacy.  Remember you are in charge of your privacy and it is prudent to take responsibility for your privacy and your safety through education and caution.

When creating a profile on LatinConexiones.com do not use your real name but rather select a username that you have not used anywhere else.  If you wish to use your real name use a different spelling and again not a spelling that you have used anywhere else.

Do not share your place of employment.  If the online dating site offers a selection from a  menu it is okay to choose an industry.

Avoid posting digital photos if at all possible.  Digital photos may contain metadata on where and when they were taken.  If you take a “selfie” with your cell phone camera and your phone is configured to allow location then the location is revealed.  There are applications that can read and display the metadata for other people to see.  Use new photos that have never before been posted on the internet.  Internet photo identification services can readily track photos that had previously appeared on the internet.

If you have developed a relationship with another user and you have progressed to the point of sharing personal contact information do not share your personal email.  Create a separate disposable email address that you will use only for online dating .

Check the privacy settings on the dating website you choose to see what setting are available.  LatinConexiones.com does not use geolocation, or location tracking, that shows where users are.  Location tracking may help those whom you wish to know your location but it is also available to others whom you do not wish to know.

Keep your antennae raised.  There are warning signs that can help increase you to be cautious.  Beware of information that is being shared to you that is counter to establishing good communications to help build a good friendship or relationship.  An early request to communicate via personal emails or an early request to “meet up” somewhere are two warning signs that should encourage you to move cautiously.

Beware of scammers.  The growth of online dating is phenomenal but along with that success comes the scammers.   LatinConexiones.com has all of the latest and greatest of security for the users and the site itself but the scammers will always be on the internet.  Our best advice is to always be careful and while we know your heart may be beating faster your brain and your intuition are still your best guides.

We suggest that you search the many articles on the internet that are helpful to safeguarding your privacy.  Search for:

  •  Privacy apps that can remove the metadata from your photos
  •  How to remove Geotags from your photos
  •  How to protect your privacy while online
  •  California Online Privacy Protection Act
  • Do Not Track preferences in web browsers
  •  Fair Information Practices Principles
  • Children Online Privacy Protection Act
  • The CAN-Spam Act
  •  Visit https://www.ftd.gov/bcp/menus/consumer/data.shtm for information about how to protect against identity theft
  • Check your Facebook settings since many apps search your Facebook data

Remember most dating sites strive to create a safe environment for you to join a rapidly growing way to meet new friends, build new relationships and maybe find the love you have been seeking.  LatinConexiones.com is among that group of dating sites and is dedicated to help you have a safe and enjoyable experience.

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Safety Statement

LatinConexiones.com is committed to help you have safe, fun, comfortable and successful experiences on our site. Safety is one of our highest priorities and we will continue to help you protect your personal information, your personal well-being and have safe and trouble-free experiences. We stress that your safety is your responsibility and you are in control of your new relationships but we offer the following recommendations to help. We will continue to add resources and sites that have additional safety tips for you to follow as you build your new relationships.

Just as in offline dating most people have good intentions and are also safe people but we must always be cautious and wary of the small percentage who have less than honorable intentions. During online dating it is easier to meet many more people and become excited about the opportunities. Remember, that while we strive to protect your interests it is not possible to ensure 100% that all members have your same interests in mind.

Select an anonymous username that does not include your name and you haven’t used it anyplace else. Likewise, select a unique password for LatinConexiones that you have not used anywhere else. After you enroll on LatinConexiones.com set up an email account that will be used only for any new correspondence generated with your new online relationships. Consider using photos that have been taken only for use on LatinConexiones.com and not anywhere else. Use a separate set of images and selfies or photos. Keep in mind it is possible to run a Google Image Search and another person can discover everywhere that you have appeared on the internet.

If you want additional photos of your new interest ask for photos that show him, or her, in a variety of situations with other people and at different times of their life. Ask a lot of questions when communicating. You should be looking for consistency; a string of integrity. Ask a question and later ask the question again in a different way and a different conversation. You are looking for consistency and honesty.

Do not disclose your identity, phone number or personal contact information until you are comfortable doing so. Keep your communications on the LatinConexiones site until you are absolutely certain you want to move them. Bad characters will try to move them as quickly as possible.

Trust your instincts and remember that your excitement and your instincts are jacked a little – Use common sense. Always be cautious and remind yourself that you know almost nothing about the new people you are meeting. Everything you have learned is being shared with you by someone who is behind a computer screen. If something feels bad, or wrong, it probably is. In the excitement and fun and emotion of meeting someone who may be that person it is easy to let the guard down and forget the natural self-protection.

You can run a background check but remember if a person conducts bad online behavior but has never been caught a background check won’t help. Keep you antennae alert for unusual requests for money, requests for off-color photos, abusive or offensive language, questionable solicitations or intrusive questioning. You are in charge of what you reveal. Block and report suspicious users or anyone who violates our terms of use.

You are in control of your online presence. Do not let anyone take away that control.

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